The Intelectual Roots Of “Islam Nusantara”: Its Core Strength, Relevance And Contextualization

(Case On Mafia Sholawat Of Gus Ali Shadiqin For Stengthening Moslem’s Religiousness As Sufistic Counseling)

  • Elfi Muawanah IAIN Tulungagung
  • Rifa Hidayah UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang
Keywords: Key word: Islam Nusantara, stengthen the religiousness, Mafia Sholawat, Counseling & Psycho-Counseling


The intelectual root of Islam Nusantara is very important to make Islam be a way of life as ‚rahmatan lil ‘alamin‛ espessially for Indonesian Muslim. There are many Islamic problems: i.e. proverty, ignorance, conflict that occur in the all the word. One of its problem is the lack of intelectual moslem in a particular profesional expertise or academic field. They do not want to work hard. So, being intelectual and expert in each  field  can  be  core strength  for  Islam nusantara. The problem of study is how to stengthen religiousness of moslems in Indonesia as previously discussed. Thus it is expected that the religiousness strengthening will affect the Indeniseian moslems life contextually. The resutls of the study prescribes that strengthening program like done by Gus Ali Shadiqin via Mafia Sholawat is very relevant for generating awareness of understanding and practice islamic teachings better. In islamic prespective, mafia sholawat can become a model to establish Islamic teachings in day to day practice. In other words, mafia sholawat can also function as sufistic counseling because every activity can change behaviour from negative/immoral behaviour to be positive/moral behaviour (makasiat ila taubat). This is very important to stengthen the religiousness of muslim Nusantara.