Revitalization Of Pesantren As The Asset Of Islam Nusantara In Family Quality Improvement

A Case Study In Pesantren Rakyat’s Marginal Society Empowerment In East Java

  • Sudirman Hasan


Pesantren Rakyat Sumberpucung in Malang has played a significant role in social empowerment. Sumberpucung was popular for prostitution and poverty. Led by Abdullah Sam, this pesantren has implemented special approach to change this marginal society from unreligious, uneducated and low income family to become Islamic, enlightened and high income family. This study applies the theory of Total Quality Management as a tool of analysis of the family quality improvement performed by Pesatren Rakyat in East Java. Revitalization of the Pesantren Rakyat in East Java in improving the quality of the family in terms of Total Quality Management theory can be considered successful. Although with different styles, Pesantren Rakyat has been able to do the three elements of quality management well: customer service, continuous improvement and total involvement.