Implikasi terhadap Minoritas Muslim

  • Nurrohman Nurrohman IAIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung
Keywords: Kata Kunci: Multikultural, Minoritas Muslim, Kebebasan Beragama, Relasi Agama dan Negara, Sekularisme




Netherlands, like most of Western countries, adopts idea of separation between religion and state. The Netherlands government also supports principles that people are free to choose their religion and forbid all discriminations on the religion. The Netherlands government realizes that to develop multicultural society, the government needs to consider various cultures, and religions of the people including the Muslim minority.

In developing multicultural society, The Netherlands government is sometimes accused violating separation of religion and state principle. Then be interesting to study how government copes with the dilemma in developing multicultural society and its implications to Muslim as a minority.

The Muslim community in Netherlands has its own culture. They cannot free from religious norms in the daily activities. It means that development of Islamic culture cannot be separated from development of  Islam. For Muslim in the Netherlands, the government utilizes pragmatic approach by trying to push and functionalized Islam as a tool to improve Muslim self-esteem.

The dilemma then, was the government policies that support social activities which have religious symbols can be considered as policies that out of principles separation of religion and state? This study explains various aspects that relate to the dilemma, including cultural phenomena appear as a result of Muslim immigrants who brought their origin culture.